Culturally and linguistically diverse people and communities

We want to make sure that people from all different cultures seeking support feel welcome and included.

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At Neami we recognise that moving to another country and starting a life there can be really difficult, especially for people who have had to escape war, environmental disasters or who are new to the language and cultures in Australia. We understand that the stress of re-settlement for families can continue through generations.

We want to make sure that people from all different cultures who would like support from our service feel welcome and included. If you are new to Australia, the way we do and say things may be unfamiliar, particular in relation to ‘mental health’. At Neami, we want to hear from you about how you’re feeling, what you think will help and how we can best support you, your family and/or your community.

We recognise that you are not defined by your cultural background and/or past experiences and have a range of strengths and abilities that define who you are. We can work with you to explore your individual strengths and values, and how these can support you to live a meaningful life. We understand that our work with you may be better supported through use of interpreters, translated documents and through diversity within our workforce.

We are always learning about how we can be more inclusive, so we encourage you to share with us how we can best do this and provide feedback on what we can improve. You can contact our feedback service.

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