'I didn't connect a lot with people, and that's probably because of past issues. Helping me connect with other support was the help I needed.'


‘I went to the PECC (Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre) unit at Randwick and one of the nurses said SPconnect would be good for me.

‘It was after massive thoughts of suicide that I went to the PECC unit because I revealed to one woman at work that all that weekend I just wanted to die. After calling lifeline at work, she made me get in an uber and go to the doctors. I was very appreciative that she did do that because if she were to just send me home it wouldn’t have been good.

‘I was just really depressed and down. I ended up staying in hospital for three days. That’s the maximum you can stay and nearly everyone I saw there wasn’t ready to leave.

‘They connected you with support outside and one was SPconnect and one was the Langton Centre, because I was apparently taking too many prescription pills. I’ve been on and prescribed medication probably for about 10 years. I’ve seen the doctor and I’ve come down quite a lot but it’s a long, drawn-out detox.

Anna and Janette
Anna and Janette

‘I’ve probably been with SPConnect about three months and it’s gone pretty quick. I have seen counsellors before and not been happy with them and I was expecting the same. I had seen a psychiatrist at one time she was OK, but I didn’t have anything in common. But with the Anna [at SPConnect] I instantly had a rapport with her. Which was great. It’s a relief.

‘I don’t connect a lot with people because I’m very suspicious, a bit paranoid, that kind of thing. And that’s probably because of past issues. Anna was very genuine and authentic and not looking down on me in any way. She’d put in a few little things like “yeah, I feel like that” it made you feel like you know she’s had experiences, lived life. I could feel that.

‘I started a DBT course (Dialectical behaviour therapy), which Anna helped me connect with, even saying let’s do this together. Which I needed at that stage. It wasn’t all smooth sailing because I can go from one to a hundred in a second, which I did. I was never going to go back there again and automatically went to the negative.

Anna and Janette

Anna helped me see things in a different light and put things in way that I wouldn’t have thought about.


‘I believe I will always have some problems because when I was young a lot happened to me, but we don’t go over it and rehash it all the time. Things come out each time we meet. Now, when [Anna] checks if I’m feeling suicidal or whatever, I can be honest with my thoughts. I’ve been very honest with past issues and my family and even nice things like me going away to a kibbutz. We just speak naturally, so it’s not all work, but if I do go astray she calls me back.

‘I just think it’s necessary to have someone to talk to after an incident like going to the PECC Unit and suicidal thoughts. You have to have that follow up, and that trust in someone like I trust Anna.'

Janette has participated in Neami’s SPconnect suicide prevention service.

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Supporting local communities, services and people to improve understanding and respond appropriately following a suicide attempt or suicidal crisis.

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