‘Recovery would mean to let go of these past things that have happened in my life and keep me stuck in that headspace.’


‘My old school put me in touch with YFlex. They got in contact with me because I was going through a bit of a rough spot. I wanted to get out of it and the only way to do it was to get help from other people.

'I’ve never gone out of my way to do anything like that before. It was weird to get used to, talking about it, but definitely worth it. It has made it a lot easier to speak about things and not be so awkward. 

‘Not wanting to believe I had mental health issues, I didn’t try to fix anything and ignored those feelings. I couldn’t control it and I needed some help. I’ve been going there for seven or eight months.


Over time it’s gotten better. I just keep going to YFlex, and they’re so understanding of the situation.

‘The social worker helped me get in contact with my old dentist and is also helping me with my back. I know that I should go see the doctor and get my teeth fixed and whatnot but it’s a lot harder for some reason to do it by yourself than when there is someone there to be supportive of the decision I’m making. It’s good to know that someone cares.’ 

Blake has been supported by YFlex in Victoria.

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