Youth Outreach Recovery Support (YORS)

YORS is provided Victoria-wide by ACSO, Cohealth, EACH, Mind Australia, Neami National, Uniting, Wellways Australia.

Youth Outreach Recovery Support (YORS) is a welcoming and inclusive new service for people between 16-25 years of age living in Victoria who have been experiencing mental health issues for six months or more. 

We work with you to understand what matters, what will help and how to build the skills to make a meaningful life. 

Together, either face-to-face or over the phone, we offer support in all the areas that help to improve your mental health and wellbeing like: 

  • social relationships and connecting with other people 
  • physical health 
  • substance use
  • recreation
  • education
  • vocational training and employment
  • housing and other needs. 

Accessing Youth Outreach Recovery Support  


To be eligible for the service, you need to be between16 and 25 and: 

  • live in Victoria
  • experiencing mental health challenges
  • your usual coping strategies are not working
  • noticing signs of anxiety, depression or stress that have lasted more than a few weeks.


Referrals are welcome from young people to self-refer, or with consent from referrers such as carers, schools, youth services, GPs, PARCS, or other services.  

The MHCSS Intake Services will allocate referrals to the closest YORS provider (there is one per area): ACSO, Cohealth, EACH, Mind Australia, Neami National, Uniting, Wellways Australia.  

Contact the relevant MHCSS intake via phone or email, to find out more or make a referral. 

YOURS Intake Map

North-West, Inner, Bayside Metro

Neami Intake
1300 379 462   

North, East, South-East Metro 

EACH Intake 
1300 003 224   

All regional areas

ACSO Intake 
1300 022 760

Enquiries or further questions

If you would like to know more or make a referral you can send your details and we'll be in contact.

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