STEPMI - Geelong Otway

92 Little Myers Street, Geelong VIC 3220

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Rebecca Hoskin | Manager

STEPMI (Services and Treatment for Enduring and Persistent Mental Illness) provides support for people with enduring and persistent serious mental illness.

This includes:
•      Clinical care coordination
•      Working with family and carers
•      Regular review of recovery goals and physical and mental wellbeing
•      Optimised medication management
•      Relapse prevention planning
•      Psychosocial interventions aligned with recovery goals
•      Risk monitoring

How it works

Following assessment by a Lead Clinician, eligible consumers will be allocated a STEPMI worker who will be their key contact throughout their involvement in the program. Consumers will work collaboratively with their worker to develop a treatment plan which identifies their recovery goals and the supports to help them achieve these goals.

Supports will be provided by a range of specialists (psychologists, Aboriginal health workers, nurses, GPs, etc.) depending on consumers’ needs. The STEPMI worker will ensure the effective coordination of these multidisciplinary supports.

Individual support

Consumers have access to talking therapies, cultural healing therapies and Peer Health Coaching in order to build skills, motivation, and improve physical health.

Group support

Consumers have the opportunity to take part in the evidence-based Optimal Health Program, a group program proven to increase functioning and self-management of health.


Eligible consumers are those who:

  • Reside within the Western Victoria PHN Sub-Region of Geelong Otway. This includes: Borough of Queenscliff, City of Greater Geelong, Golden Plains Shire Council, Surf Coast Shire and Colac-Otway Shire
  • are referred by a GP, paediatrician or private psychiatrist, who certifies that the consumer is under their ongoing care and meets the clinical criteria. Consumers meet the clinical criteria if they:
    • Have an enduring and persistent mental illness
    • Have a documented plan for the clinical management of their mental health
    • Are unable to access similar services through other funding sources
    • Will require clinical care coordination for at least 12 months
    • Have been admitted to or been an outpatient of acute mental health services within the past 12 months
    • OR are at risk of requiring inpatient admission without STEPMI intervention
    • Are not receiving case-management from acute mental health services


Referrals can be made by general practitioners, paediatricians and private psychiatrists. Please refer to the STEPMI Referral Guide.

Note: Medicare rebated session numbers available under the Mental Health Care Plan will not be impacted by participation in STEPMI.

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