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Edward Marrinan | Service Manager

LifeConnect provides suicide prevention services and support for people who have been bereaved by suicide. The service takes a coordinated approach to suicide prevention and postvention and works in partnership with individuals, community, family/carers, health professionals and other providers to ensure the mental and physical health needs of consumers are being met.

Suicide prevention

Suicide prevention support and activities aim to build individual resilience and capacity for self-help as well as improve community capacity in suicide prevention. They include:

    • Community activities and workshops that focus on wellbeing, resilience, skills development and help seeking.
    • Health and wellbeing group programs (e.g., Optimal Health Program).
    • Capacity building and training for local networks and services.
    • Training for health professionals (GPs, emergency workers, etc.): Responding to Risk of Suicide.

Support after suicide (bereavement services)

The LifeConnect bereavement services provide support for people impacted by suicide (the family, friends or colleagues of people who have died from suicide). Support includes:

  • Individual counselling/one-on-one support
  • Group therapy
  • Community debriefing and support response after a suicide (e.g., in workplaces or sporting clubs)
  • Care coordination (supporting linkages to other supports)


People of all ages bereaved by suicide, who live, work or study in Eastern Melbourne PHN’s catchment are eligible for LifeConnect’s bereavement services.

Making a referral

Referrals to bereavement services may come from any source including self-referral, families and carers, healthcare practitioners, Victoria Police (VPeR), Coroner’s Court, GPs, schools, social services, etc. Referrals can be made over the phone of via email.

LifeConnect is a Neami National service supported by the Victorian Government, and Australian Government under the PHN Program.