Someone to talk to for wellbeing support

12pm (noon) - 8pm
Seven days a week.
Closed Public Holidays.

Helen Piper
Service Manager



Free, confidential and independent support from someone who understands

It can be hard to find the right support to discuss issues at work that are impacting your wellbeing, or personal issues that might be impacting your work.

Hear2Talk provides free, confidential, independent, and skilled phone-based support to help manage challenging experiences and emotions in the workplace.

Hear2Talk is staffed by peer workers who have first-hand experience of workplace stress and/or showing up to work every day while living through ongoing stress.

Working with an experienced Peer Worker, we help you develop strategies to cope, build resilience, and support you to make positive changes to improve your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Free and confidential mental health and wellbeing support
  • Available seven days a week, including after business hours from 12pm - 8pm
  • Your call doesn’t need to be work-related
  • Option for follow-up phone calls to see how you are progressing
  • Call-back service to ensure you get timely support
  • Access to additional support if required.

Hear2Talk is not a crisis service. If you or someone you care for needs immediate emergency assistance, please call 000 or Lifeline 13 11 14.

Evidence-based support drawing from lived experience

Neami Peer Support Workers provide Hear2Talk support and use a combination of skills, lived experience and evidence-based resources to understand your needs and find what will help.

This combination of understanding what it’s like to experience mental health challenges and experience supporting others helps provide a unique service.

Neami’s evidence-based, collaborative approach underpins Hear2Talk and provides inclusive support that uses strategies known to improve wellbeing.


Hear2Talk is available for all workers across NSW.

Hear2Talk is a Neami National service funded by the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority