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Brendan Livingston | Manager

Service coordination

Central Adelaide and Hills Partners in Recovery (CAH-PIR) is a free service supporting people with severe and persistent mental illness with complex needs, as well as working with their carers and families.

PIR Support Facilitators assist in bringing services together to work collaboratively and in a more coordinated and integrated manner.

Service coordination can be useful when services people are receiving are not working well together, or if people are not receiving any services they need to live well in the community

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

In the Adelaide region, the NDIS for adults has rolled out in Northern Adelaide (01/07/17) and Southern Adelaide (01/01/18). It is due to roll out in Western, Eastern Adelaide and the Hills on the 01/04/18.

During the NDIS rollout, CAH-PIR will continue to assist people who meet eligibility for the program. The program will also have a focus on transitioning people across to the NDIS by:

  • Providing information about the NDIS to the community, with a focus on psychosocial disability.

    For more information about what we are doing in this regard see the Central Adelaide and Hills Psychosocial NDIS Communities of Practice.

  • Assisting eligible PIR consumers to gather the information necessary to determine if they meet access requirements

For people who don’t meet NDIS access requirements, or choose not to apply, CAH-PIR will continue providing a service.

CAH PIR is funded until the 30 June 2019.

You can learn more about the NDIS by visiting the NDIS website or contact the CAH-PIR NDIS Resource Coordinator


  •  A mental illness that is severe in degree and persistent in duration
  • Complex needs that require substantial services and support from multiple agencies
  • No existing coordination arrangements in place to assist with access to needed services, or where they are in place, those arrangements have failed
  • Consent to being involved in PIR
  • Aged between 18 and 65
  • Reside in the Central Adelaide and Hills area


Referrals can be made by anyone. Referrals must be discussed with the individual prior to making the referral.

We encourage referrals from people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, youth and refugees.

Referral to Central Adelaide and Hills Partners in Recovery can be made by phone, fax or e-mail. 

Call 1800 894 448 to be guided through the referral process.

Working together

Partners in Recovery is a federally funded service. The Central Adelaide and Hills region Partners in Recovery is delivered by a consortium of 7 non-government organisations working together.

Neami National is the lead agency, working with Life Without BarriersMind AustraliaMission AustraliaSkylightUniting Care Wesley Bowden and UnitingSA to deliver the CAH-PIR service.

NDIS Communities of Practice

The Central Adelaide and Hills Partners in Recovery program (CAH PIR) has established a forum whereby information about the NDIS can be shared.

CAHPIR NDIS Communities of Practice

Useful resources