Hear from Neami staff about our work
Staff stories

Our staff come from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing a wealth of different skills and perspectives to the work they do. 

Our innovative recruitment strategies mean we are open to people from backgrounds not traditionally associated with Mental Health support and provide opportunities for all staff to develop their skills and abilities while working for Neami.

Here are a few stories from staff talking about their experiences at Neami


Every place is different, there’s a local flavour.

Jo’s story


I heard about Neami through a very dear friend who worked here. She thought I'd be a really good fit here.

Gail’s story


Pictured: Adam

‘We’ve focused on research that helps us better understand people’s needs and that enables us to identify what we can offer to address those needs. At the same time, we’ve been increasing consumer involvement at all levels. There is still work to be done, but we’re definitely doing better than before.’