Looking after our planet
Environmental sustainability

We believe that a sustainable organisation is one that contributes to improving the quality of human life and operates with respect to the earth’s supporting ecosystems. While our core business is community support, our operations impact society and the environment indirectly in other ways.

Neami is committed to improving its social, economic and environmental performance and takes a proactive approach to sustainability by addressing the three key focus areas of operations, staff and consumers. We develop policies and initiatives to support sustainability in each of these areas.


We aim to achieve operational efficiency from both an economic and environmental perspective by purchasing ethical and sustainable products, hosting sustainable events, minimising employee travel, and tracking and reporting on Neami’s environmental performance.


We embed sustainability initiatives into service delivery and operations across all sites by ingraining it into staff culture. We do this by encouraging staff to uphold Neami’s 10 Green Standards, providing training for new Green Reps through video conferences and workshops, promoting sustainability through our intranet and newsletters, and celebrating sustainability-related achievements and initiatives at service sites.


Consumers are educated and encouraged to practice sustainable living by evaluating and enhancing the Sustainable Living Program, which offers opportunities for people to engage in sustainable activities relevant to their recovery goals.

Eat Plan Learn

Eat Plant Learn was developed by our Sustainability Team, in collaboration with the Health Promotion Team and a working group of staff and consumers.

It offers a range of opportunities for people to engage in sustainable activities that are relevant to their recovery goals.

Eat Plant Learn


Before the program I knew nothing about growing my own food so it was a new thing for me. It was great learning how to grow plants with the support of Neami staff and other people because I felt like I was part of a group.
Consumer comment