Know your rights
Rights, privacy and advocacy

You have a right to full participation in our services and decisions that impact on you at all times. This is a core value of Neami as an organisation.

For people experiencing a mental health issue the opportunity to participate in a recovery oriented service is critical.

Australia is also bound under international law to ensure that all people in Australia enjoy fundamental human rights.

This means:

  • Having an awareness of your rights and an ability to exercise them
  • Being treated with dignity and worth
  • Having opportunities to access the community and participate as an equal citizen in Australian society
  • Having your privacy and confidentiality protected
  • Not being discriminated against because of your cultural background, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, communication abilities or skills or physical abilities
  • Developing your individual support in collaboration with your support worker
  • Having opportunities to co-produce and therefore influence the way Neami delivers services through participation in development, evaluation, review and quality assurance processes
  • Having opportunities to influence the broader mental health sector

If you receive a service from any of our services, you should be informed about your rights. See the consumer booklet for more information.

If you would like to know more about your rights you can ask your support worker or service manager.

There are also a number of other organisations covering consumer complaints and advocacy.

Consumer complaints and advocacy organisations

Your information is private

We collect personal information to help work out the support you need, to inform service delivery and to meet our funding requirements.

We will protect your privacy and never share information without a good reason and your consent.

Our policies, procedures and the law control what we do with your personal information.

Read more about Neami’s policies and procedures related to privacy.

Privacy guidelines 



Pictured: Shelley

'The relationship between Neami and consumers isn't a miracle, it just doesn't happen overnight, it's built from experience and education.'
Consumer participant comment