Neami Barwon PARC Service

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Adam Douglass
58 Barwon Heads Road,
Belmont VIC 3216
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24 hour, 7 days a week

Enquiries: 9am - 5.30pm

Services available at this location
Prevention and early intervention

For any person living with serious mental illness, understanding their health and being able to both identify and manage their symptoms is critical. In many cases, an early intervention can prevent acute episodes, hospitalisation and higher level trauma.

Similarly, after hospitalisation it is important to support people’s transition back into their daily life and the support structures that will keep them well.

Both prevention of acute episodes and support for recovery are essential elements in our outreach-based mental health support and the Collaborative Recovery Model.

We have also found that short-term site-based prevention and recovery services can play an effective role in many cases and this led us to start providing this model of support over the last five years.

This involves a short stay of up to 28 days, generally less, in shared accommodation with 24 hour on-site staff and a balance between structure and downtime.

Barwon PARC is a partnership between Barwon Health and Neami National.